Dell PowerEdge 6850 fans but no power and no video

I have a used Dell PowerEdge 6850 recently purchased thru eBay which the  vendor (with 100% rating) swears works and is installed with Windows 2008 Server.  It has 4 processors and 4 banks of memory.  No additional cards are installed in any of the PCI slots.  It requires 220V and we have had the electrician install and verify that we've got 220 power.  Both redundant power supplies show solid green lights for the "power supply status indicator" and the "AC line status indicator" and the "power supply fault indicator" is NOT lit.  The case fans come on.  The small LCD screen comes on and shows no error codes and scrolls "Dell Power Edge 6850".  Neither blue nor amber status lights are lit (suggesting the system is not getting power).  The CMOS battery is new.  The riser card for Slot 2 (which has nothing in it) shows an amber light and pressing the button/light has no effect.  There is no DRAC installed.  There is no video from either of the video ports and I know I've got a good monitor and cable; there are no lights on any of the memory banks, and there seems to be no power to the CD-ROM drive (won't open) nor to the hard drives (which don't spin up and show no activity on the HD status lights).  I have tried removing all memory except mem_A and all processors except proc_1, to no avail.  I have read other posts suggesting that the NVRAM should be cleared by moving the jumper to the 2/3 position, but before I do that was looking for additional opinions.  How might resetting the NVRAM affect other configuration settings?  What else should I try to get to a POST screen?  Thanks!
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restlingAuthor Commented:
Hardware problems solved for now.  After calling Dell tech support, they had me remove and re-seat virtually every component in the box, including the two RAID controller DIMMs (which I had not re-seated before), and working backwards re-seating the processors from 4 to 1.  Rebooting with no monitor nor keyboard/mouse installed, it cleared the error; HD activty lights came on, RAM banks lit up, and CD-ROM drive opened.  Upon rebooting again with monitor/keyboard/mouse, I was able to get into the BIOS and reset time/date, select the RAID controller, and change the boot sequence so the HD was at the top of the list.  Hope this helps someone else.  Thanks anyway.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
The symptom ... "there are no lights on any of the memory banks, and there seems to be no power to the CD-ROM drive (won't open) nor to the hard drives (which don't spin up and show no activity on the HD status lights)" is illuminating, no pun intended.

If a CD-ROM drive won't open or at least attempt to open, there is only one reason:  It has no power.  This is confirmed by the lack of lights on the memory banks, and by the hard drives not spinning up.  There's a power problem in the system and power is not getting from the supplies to the peripherals.
i thought the AC line status indicator should be lit up?  so yes - there is no power - check if all connections are ok
see attached stus leds chart
restlingAuthor Commented:
Waited less than 60 seconds for Dell Tech support, who explained that the failsafe mechanisms in these servers just require going back to basics.
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