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Disk I/O for Exchange 2010

I am looking at creating a disaster recovery site for my Exchange 2010 implementation.  The issue that I am running into is picking out a RAID that will be able to handle the I/O from Exchange 2010.  What is the best way to determine how much I/O is being generated by my current system?  I have a couple of different arrays that I am looking at and the only real difference that I am seeing between is cost and I/O capability.  I want to make sure that I am picking the correct system to handle the I/O.  I know in UNIX I would run iostat –xtc 15 > /tmp/io.txt and looking at the information in there, but there are a lot more options in Windows 2008 Enterprise Edition SP2 for disk I/O.  Which counter/counters are going to provide me the best information?
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