How to eliminate Outlook 2007 client password request when rebooting Exchange 2007 server?

When troubleshooting my Exchange 2007 server recently (O/S: Windows Server 2003 64 bit), I need to reboot it.  Each Outlook 2007 client has a local copy of their mailbox, so they can continue working in the program.  Every time I reboot the server, each of the clients gets a password request in a pop-up window.  I'd like to stop that from happening.  I'm hoping for a server-side solution, as it would be very inconvenient to modify each client computer.
Bruce PollardIT DirectorAsked:
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e_aravindConnect With a Mentor Commented:
few more questions:
1. Do we have the mail-clients connected with the MAPI profile? (not the pop3, imap4 etc)
2. Do we have Outlook connecting using the HTTPs protocol? (system-tray Outlook-icon -> control-key & Right-click --> connection status )

My Opinion:
In E2k7 and OL2k7, we have autodiscover mechanism which will push the "Outlook Anywhere" configuration to all the when the MAPI connection is not upto the speed, TCP\ip will become HTTPs (4th column in the "Microsoft Exchange Connection Status" window...title Conn)

If the HTTPs connections are prompting for authentication...then how was the initial launch of the OUtlook
If the normal Outlook using Https prompts for the first launch of Outlook...then high chances that the server reboot will ask for the authentication.

If the Outlook-profile with "Outlook Anywhere" settings are configured for the "NTLM Authentication" then we could avoid the repeated auth.
Else, we may need to figure-out why the connection is switching from Tcp\ip to Https (any recent change in the firewall, switches etc...)
The issue comes from the server disconnecting each session and the users then need to authenticate again in order to access their mailbox. This will happend each time the client access role is restarted.
Bruce PollardIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
If memory serves me, my old version of Exchange (2000?) did not give the clients that logon/password window when I rebooted the server.
Is my memory wrong?
More importantly, there is no way to stop this logon/password window from appearing on the client pc's when I reboot the Exchange server?
Bruce PollardIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the detailed response.  I've been hit with a minor IT emergency this week.  It seems that there's no way around this.  I believe we have your basic LAN connection of TCP/IP.  I will analyze your points ASAP next week.
Bruce PollardIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.  I've been buried and don't have time to work on this, but when I do, I believe you have pointed me in the right direction.
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