Exchange 2010 Management effect.

I'm trying to create a management scope for Exchange 2010 SP1 to allow some users in my organizations to manage mailboxes, DLs, etc... I need to apply the management scope to only allow them to see a specific subset of users (contained in a group). I've used the following powershell command:

Set-ManagementScope –Name "XYZManagers"  –RecipientRestrictionFilter {memberofgroup -eq "domain.local/ou/etc..."}

The command takes successfully. I assign the management scope to the Role Group's "Write Scope" (the user is assigned to the Role Group). However, when logging on, the user can still see all the email accounts in the organization, unfiltered.

Please let me know what I'm doing wrong here - thanks!!
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jmichaelpalermo4Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thans e_aravind -

This article doesn't apply to our situation. I just spoke to a Exchange master who said it's not possible to restrict the readscope using RBAC, just the writescope.
IMO, after the scope, still the user can see other DL, but will be blocked from writing\modifying the DLs

One of the nice example is available @:
The error message (similar one -- "Test the configuration: (point #4))" is also available in this URL
jmichaelpalermo4Author Commented:
Not possible
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