Exchange 2010 & Exchange 2003 coexistence and legacy DNS records

quick question for the experts - during a transition from Exchange 2003-2010 where I will have a period of coexistence, if I update the external and internal DNS A records that point to 2003 for OWA and make them point to 2010, do I also have to add the DNS A record on external DNS?  I know that I have to setup the redirect property for the legacy OWA in Ex2010, but I am not clear on whether the redirect happens all internally or whether it actually redirects the user back to the Internet, upon which they would need an external DNS A record for the record?

So basically, I just need to know if I need to create a new External DNS A record for the legacy record (2k3 Ex FE server) or if I only have to do it on the internal DNS?

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stanley_starsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You need it externally as well. See this post:

AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the record is surely needed externally and internally
wpstechAuthor Commented:
Akhater - would you mind having a look at the question below?  It's already been closed but I feel that you could probably give me a more informative answer, or better explain the reasoning between choosing one option over the other...if you cant comment because it's closed perhaps we can discuss it elsewhere, just let me know.  thanks.

Hi there,

I did read the question you want to discuss it in the other question or you prefer to open a new one in order not to poluate it ?
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