How to insert ASCII 233 in text string?

I'm using Wingdings font and need an ASCII 233 char for an arrow. How can I represent an ASCII 233 char? Currently I have the actual ASCII 233 char in the string, but I don't like having weird characters in my strings. I think there's some simple way to specify a hex value for the character in a string.
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wdosanjosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Something like this:

string yourstr = "MyCharacters\u00E9AreHere";

2.4.1 Unicode character escape sequences
deleydAuthor Commented:
OK how about if I want an ASCII string instead of a Unicode string?
deleydAuthor Commented:
(actually I think the code text file is formatted as UTF-8)
Strings in .NET are always Unicode.  How you write the file defines the character encoding.  For example:

var writer = new StreamWriter(@"C:\temp\myfile.txt", false, System.Text.Encoding.ASCII); // ASCII file

var writer = new StreamWriter(@"C:\temp\myfile.txt", false, System.Text.Encoding.UTF8); // UTF8 file

I hope this helps.
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