SSRS 2008 Output to CSV missing data

I have an SSRS 2008 repport that when viewed on the screen or sent to a spreadsheet will show all the data. However, if I output it to a CSV file, the header field values appear the name of the texboxes. See attached csv file. How do I get all the values to appear in the CSV file.
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Okay. This is an issue with the way the report is rendered(exported).
In Excel\PDF\etc format you are seeing the header name being the same as shown in the report because it is created in the way itself.
With CSV format, you didn't get the value because, in CSV format, the values of the header is not the same as the table header values, but, Its the name of the text box where your data is being fetched while you have desinged the report. I don't know much about the rendering process but in case I will find, I will do post. Or if someone else have the time and would like to share, I will love to read it.
For now, you can do the following thing.

1. Go to the property of textboxes, here in your case, it is
     This textboxes must the exactly below the header columns in your report.

2. Go to General tab

3. Change the name of the textbox to the respective header names they represent.
    For e.g if TextBox14 represents StudID, change the name to StudID

This should solve the issue.
rwheeler23Author Commented:
I just noticed bigger problems with this.
I have a header section with data fields that are expressions. They do not appear at all in the CSV version.

Additionally, in the example I included here I have two rows in the tablix. The first row is what you are seeing with the text box names. The second row is the actual data. So why one row print "[textbox']" and the other printed data is a mystery.
Yup. The first row is the header details of the table. The second row shows the data that will come from your backend . So, from 2nd onwards you are getting data but first is what you set at the BIDS. You are just getting the name of the textbox from the second row.
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rwheeler23Author Commented:
I will get back on this on Monday.
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