Continued issue with PDF object in Safari on iPad

It seems that there is not a good solution to this as Safari on the iPad and iPhone apparently doesn't support displaying embedded PDF objects inline using on OBJECT tag with a PDF plug-in for the browser?  Why don't they fix that?

However, one solution suggested is to detect the browser agent and display the PDF in a new window by linking to the PDF file directly.  That works and I've done that, although I'd like to be able to hide the location bar in that case as I don't want to display the file name.

I am writing this question because I'd like to know if there are alternative methods.  For example,

Is it possible to convert the PDF (or Powerpoint in my case since that is what I am starting with) to another file format that can displayed inline in the Safari iPad or iPhone browser.  I take it that .swf won't work since there is no FLASH support.  How about other methods such as converting it to a series of .jpg or other image or video format?

Seems like this is a big hole in the Safari browser function on the iPad?
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Jason C. LevineConnect With a Mentor No oneCommented:
You can view a PDF just fine. The question is about embedding the PDF in a page using the object tag for an inline display which the iPad doesn't really like.  

Have you thought about using Scribd's HTML 5 method of embedding? That would work, albeit it involves putting your content elsewhere.

Otherwise, conversion to jpg and putting it in a slider is the only other good option for inline display.
You can view pdfs on an iPad. Save the pdf to your eBooks and view it there. When you are in the library, you touch Collections and choose PDFs. But maybe this doesn't answer your question?
But wait, I have a iPad2, I just viewed a PDF on a website using Safari.
sscottiAuthor Commented:
Not very complete.  I guess you cannot currently embed a pdf as an object in Safari on an iPad.  HTML5 conversion maybe.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
It is complete.  It's not our fault that Safari on iOS does not completely support this...
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