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Dear EE
I'm an admin for a small organization running exchange 2003. Since a few months we suspect that some messages sent to our exchange server are not being delivered. I was under the assumption, that the message tracking center is the monitoring tool, which shows each and every message being delivered to our server. I now found out, that this is not the case; messages that match the sender id filter get dropped and simply do not show in the MTC.
Can the MTC be configured to show all mail being delivered to the exchange server?
Is there another tool with which I can be absolutely 100% sure all incoming mail is monitorable?
I sure hope you can help me with this
Many thnx in advance
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I can't recall exactly what you can and can't choose, but you can add a fair amount of data to that original SMTP log.

Been a while since working with Exchange 2003 and I have no setup at hand where I can verify this.
You can enable SMTP logging under protocols -> SMTP for this purpose.
idealictAuthor Commented:
Hi Stefor,
Thnx for your reaction: I'm not sure, but I looked there and saw that smtp logging is enabled. The output would then be in the logfiles folder.. These logs do show a lot but not sender address, which is what I'm looking for. My goal: make sure al incoming mail is accountable, meaning: I want be able to trace all incoming mail so we can be 100% sure all mail is being handled correctly by exchange. For this purpose I need to be able to trace messages on sender address like
The smtp logs do not show this attrribute. (At least not in my setup)

We experienced a sitiuation in the past in which our ISP dropped mail without notice. I want to be able to assure the endcustomer our exchange server is not doing that.

idealictAuthor Commented:
this answer was a bit hard to grade; I was hoping to get a clearer picture on the mailflow in exchange 2003 and how to get a 100% conclusive insight in the overall delivered and non-delivered mail and on which points in the process spamfiltering can or cannot interfere. The goals was to be able to account for every incoming mail; e.g."100% incoming was processed like: 20% spam 80% delivered.  In this environment both Exchange and Vipre reporting are not providing this desired insight. The question was probably a bit too "mixed" and therefore too hard to answer..
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