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Combo Box updating record

Posted on 2011-10-06
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-27
I am using a form to sort for results on a report. i.e, select a "department"

I have a bound Combo box on the form  that i use to select the criteria prior to running the report. i.e. Select Department 1 and only Department 1 items are displayed. Select Department 2 Department 2 is displayed.

This works fine.

When I close the form, the record prior to the selected record in the form is being updated with the last value in the combo box.

I DO NOT want to use this form to update any record, just select the criteria for the report.

I have tried to use an unbound combo box put it does not do the sorting in the report.

Any other options or code to prevent the Combo box from updating records?
Question by:SMP319
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Expert Comment

ID: 36927216
You don't need to use bound controls for this.

If you have an unbound combo box for selecting departments, just use this code in a button click event:

Docmd.openreport "Myreport", acviewpreview,,"[Department] = '" & me.cbodepartment & "'"  '<--- for text dept


Docmd.openreport "Myreport", acviewpreview,,"[Department] = " & me.cbodepartment  '<--- for numeric dept
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Assisted Solution

pteranodon72 earned 200 total points
ID: 36927295

You want to use an unbound combo so that it does not affect the data. The Control Source property (what gets stored) of the combo must be blank. However, the Row Source (what gets shown on the list)of the combo can refer to your list of Departments.

It sounds like the form you are working with allows entry of Employees?, including their Department field. You can keep one field named Department and have it bound to Department on the underlying table/query. Use this as a normal control to view/edit the Department assignment. The report filtering combo must be a separate combo that is unbound. You can call it cboFilterDepartment. Then, in the event that opens the report, use:

docmd.OpenReport "reportname", acViewPreview,,"Department='" & cboFilterDepartment & "'"

(assuming Department is a text field on the underlying table)



Author Comment

ID: 36930432
I create a unbound combo box on  the form which i use to select the division (Changed from Department as mentioned above) and a button which i then added the folowign code.

Private Sub Division_Click()
DoCmd.OpenReport "Project Tasks", acViewPreview, , "[Division] = '" & Me.cbodivision & "'" '<--- for text Division

End Sub

I get and error message
Compile Error:
Method or data member not found.
It references  .cbodivision  part of the code as the error

The Second Suggestion above opened the report but did not yield any data. It appears the filter part is not working

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Expert Comment

ID: 36930455
<Method or data member not found.>

That means either that cboDivision is not the correct name of your combo box, or that the code is not on the same form as your combo box.

Double-check the Name property of your combo box, and ensure that you are running this code from a command button that resides on the same form as your combo box.
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Expert Comment

ID: 36930479
Both of our posts are essetially the same thing so you should be getting identical results if they are both being implemented properly.

Regarding not finding any records, that means that the reports recordsource does not contain any records that match the criteria you are sullplying.  Does the Department field in your report's record source actually include any records for the value you are selecting in the combo box?

If you can post a copy of your database, it may be easier to help troubleshoot.

Author Comment

ID: 36930544
Here is my sample Database. the Form is the  "Division Selection Project report", Report is the "Project Tasks". I checked everything you had mentioned. the error is gone but now i get a report with no results.
Any thoughts?
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Accepted Solution

mbizup earned 1800 total points
ID: 36930634
Okay - here's what is happening:

- Your combos rowsource is something along the lines of "SELECT ID, Division FROM ..."
- The actual value of the combo box if you don't specify a column is the ID, not the text Division field
- Your report's recordsource uses the text Division field, not its corresponding ID
- Because of that mis-match, no records are found

To resolve this, you can either:
- Modify your combo's rowsource to only include the division (not the ID) from your Division lookup table.


- Keep the combo's rowsource the same and change your code to the following, spcifying the column index:

DoCmd.OpenReport "Project Tasks", acViewPreview, , "[Division] = '" & Me.cbodivision.Column(1) & "'"

Note that Column Index is a zero-based count, meaning that the first column is column Zero, the second is column 1, etc.

Author Comment

ID: 36930721
Can your code be altered to bring the report up in the report view? it is opening in Print preview.

Author Comment

ID: 36930732
Answered my question . Changed "Preview" in the code to "Report". I am still learning :)
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Expert Comment

ID: 36930743
Excellent - and leaving that parameter blank will send it directly to the default printer :)

DoCmd.OpenReport "Project Tasks", , , "[Division] = '" & Me.cbodivision.Column(1) & "'"


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