Design Scenerios for Exchange 2010 Deployment

I am looking to upgrade our Exchange 2007 environment to Exchange 2010 and with having to install new servers I'm reviewing the design of the existing environment which comprises of two exchange servers... one for CAS and one for mailbox both on local SAN storage (virtualised) ...

The company has around 500 email users (small / medium business) with around 80% using Outlook web access. We also now have domain controllers across two sites (two in each) with a private/leased line between them.

I'm looking at providing high availability using DAG's but wondered if anyone could recommend a solution with regards to where to place the exchange servers, how many CAS, mailbox, hub, etc roles to consider?

Any advice appreciated!
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AmitConnect With a Mentor IT ArchitectCommented:
First use this

Then use Exchange 2010 calculator

Once you have this data, share it here, i can then tell what you need from hardware and software end.
If you own a hardware load balancer - the best design to start with is an all-in-one solution.. hub+cas+mb
You could create a DAG with just 2 but 3 are recommended for High Availability.

Depends on your network speed.. Microsoft has recommendations around latency in multi-site DAGs. Not sure what it is offhand..
Mr_OCDAuthor Commented:
Hardware and software aren't the issue... I'm merely looking for some design scenarios based on the info I provided for 500 users that are 80% remotely based so using web services.
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
You have 2 option: 1) In house 2) Hosting services.

In house will be a costly solution, as you mentioned cost is not the issue. Then for 500 users. Below could be the best design.

All Physical

2 Hub/Cas server for load balancing with NLB or HLB for CAS Array
2 Mailbox server with DAG
1 Exchange 2010 Arch Server

Each server must have minimum 4 CPU's with 20 GB above RAM. If this what you are looking let me know, i can split in more details if required
Mr_OCDAuthor Commented:
Servers will be virtualised not physical.

It sounds good but never been involved with an Arch server before ... ?

I'm certainly thinking 2 hub/cas and 2 mailbox servers be a good solution... perhaps installing 1 of each in each datacentre?

AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
So this will across the WAN?
Mr_OCDAuthor Commented:
Yes via an SSL VPN IPSEC line although upgrading to private line (10mb) is in progress...
AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
I will suggest you to use latest Exchange calculator
You can also take help from MS tools

Like pre deployment and deployment assistance.
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