what program should I use to trim video?

Hi Folks,

I need to be able to trim the beginning piece and end piece off of a few video files. I am having a heck of a time finding a program that will simply just let me trim the ends of my videos. I thought it would be such a simple request, but I am having a lot of trouble finding a program that will do just that. I have .mov files and .swf files. Can someone recommend a free program that will simply let me do this? Thanks!
p.s. I am dropping this in MISC. because I couldn't find a video section in the zones
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XGISConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try Camtasia Studio 7x in Demo

Using the "Import Media" option you can import and edit both MOV and SWF video files.
The image demonstrates the 'selection' at the start of the video 'timeline'. Simply right click and CUT the selection. Then export the video to one of many modern file formats.

Try this link to download the latest version 7.1.1.


 Camtasia Studio 7 in action
mrosierAuthor Commented:
Hi thanks, XGIS! I tried this software and it does exactly what I need, BUT the video, no matter what settings I use for the resolution, seems to narrow and vertically stretch the picture slightly. Am I doing something wrong as far as you might know? Except for this, it works fine.
You can try this

OpoSoft Video Editor 7.0
Home Page - http://www.oposoft.com/



ImTOO Video Editor
Home Page - http://www.imtoo.com/ 

link: http://www.filesonic.in/file/1879478111
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mrosierAuthor Commented:
I think I am liking oposoft's editor, but I am not finding user guides for it. It looks like its video cutter would be simple to use if I could find a how-to on it. I am waiting for word from its support on where to find it and will return as soon as they get me that info. Thanks!
Hello mrosier,

one thing i do is make all my training videos at 'screen resolution', therefore no scaling or distortion. Check the 'View Demos' button at xgis.com.au to see the quality of SWF as an output filetype.
If you have made other settings like reduced jpeg quality this may also affect output.  One thing I never do anymore is try to 'normalise' audio to save output MBs. This distorted the audio quality in previous versions.

for your task however the other solutions come in at 10% the cost
Hi mrosier,

You may want to check out this open-source application http://lives.sourceforge.net/

I hope this works for you.

mrosierAuthor Commented:
Hi XGIS! Yes, I always set the video quality to best available as I am not at all concerned with file size in my output, but that stretching still occurred. It seems to happen a great deal for different programs as well for these videos for some reason.
karunamoorthyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dear mrosier:

To try for OpoSoft Video Converter Professional 5.0
Checkout the URL:
13.26 MB
mrosierConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I just typed out a reply but think it didn't make it on the board. Anyway, I found two programs that were helpful and kept my video's quality. One was Free Video Cutter at www.freevideocutter.com and the other was on Cnet when googling Power Video Cutter. I will aware the points to the two of you though as I am sure for any other situation those also work just fine. Thanks folks!!!
mrosierAuthor Commented:
the partials are only because my specific videos were slightly distorted when output, BUT I am confident anyone else using it would probably find themselves to be okay with it.
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