How to install 3rd party activeX component in Delphi XE2 IDE

have trouble locating instructions,  want to jump from D7 to Delphi XE2 because of 64-bit compiler
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Go to the Component menu and select Import Component.  

Select Import ActiveX Control, click Next.  

Choose your ActiveX control and click Next.  

Fill in the specifics (Class name, Pallette Page, Unit Directory Name, Search Path, select whether you want the wizard to generate component wrappers and click next.  

choose one of the following and click finish:
  Create a new unit
  Install to existing package
  Install to new package

oli4zAuthor Commented:
it got me in the right direction, but the end goal being able to start using the component was left out.  so i guess i need to be more specific with my needs next time around.  got it going though.
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