How can I move WordPerfect from one Windows 7 system to another?

I have a user whose HDD crashed on his Windows 7 laptop (HP 8460p).  I have the replacement drive installed and Windows reinstalled but am trying to figure out how/if I can migrate his licensed copy of Wordperfect onto his new drive.  I can get into his old drive as a USB external drive.  

He has lost his receipt and is going rounds with the reseller to get another licesed copy.  Can it be moved or the key located to register the new one if I download it again?
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If you are lucky, the key might be stored in plain text in the old registry, which you can mount as instructed here....

Tutorial: How To Mount A Registry Hive

Mount the old Software hive located in <USB DRIVE>:\windows\system32\config\SOFTWARE

Also, some people have good results with the professional version of this software, but I believe the OS has to be up and running for this to work. Maybe if you have another live installation and can use a recovered key is you can find it?

Try this , it's paid, but I think that the trial does the job.
nhawkinsVAAuthor Commented:
I was able to get another key from the vendor but Thank You for your time...
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