Can't view Resource calendar in Outlook.

Hi I have set up a resource mailbox on Exchange 2010. When logging in through the web mail, I can select the resource calendar and view its availability. Howerver, when I do the same from Ms Office Outlook 2010, it says: Updating and then it says no connection.

If I right click on no connection and go to properties. I get the error message as shown in the Capture2.jpg picture.

any idea how I can fix that?

 no connection no connection properties error
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TurbowyAuthor Commented:
I found a solution:

yes the resouce is mail enabled. In Exchange under Recipient Configuration you need to right click on your resource and ' Manage Full Access Permission ' then add your self to the list. Then go to outlook and right click on the resouce calendar and go to properties then Permissions. Set Default and Anonymous to Reviewer only and ok. That way all the other users can see the calendar but can't make any changes to it.

When you created this resource calendar
Did you actually create an Mail Enabled Active Directory account?

If you did, Remove the calendar from your calendar
Log onto any PC on the Domain using the resource calendars logon credentials
OPen OUtlook and setup the calendars profile
Then go to Delegate settings and add yourself as a delegate with Reviewer Rights
If everyone needs access to this resource, you may as well add ALL STAFF while your here.
Close and log off

Log back onto your PC, Open your Outlook
Go File>Open>Other users folders
choose Calendar
And pick the Resource Calendar

TurbowyAuthor Commented:
Solve the question myself.
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