Outlook Backup Plugin was manually removed, but can't reinstall

Hi Outlook Experts,

Our Outlook backup plugin was installed a long time back on a workstaiton when it had Outlook 2003.  This machine was upgraded to outlook 2007 at one point and the plugin was manually uninstalled.  Now, the installer won't let us reinstall it saying it's already installed.  We have checked the MS KB article on the subject and it says to re-register as Option 1 but we can't do that because the files were removed already from the Outlook 2003 folder (Office11).  Option 2 is to manually extract the MSI from the .exe.  Anyone recommend a tool to do that or a better method?

We are just trying to get the Backup Plugin reinstalled on Outlook 2007.

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apache09Connect With a Mentor Commented:
What Outlook Backup Plugin were you using (There are many available online)

I would check that it actaully works with 2007

When outlook moved from 2003 to 2007 there were MANY changes in both the Client and in Security Settings
Many Plug-ins that worked with 2000-2003 would no longer work in 2007.

The developers of the Plug-ins eigther stopped producing the plug-in for 2007 and Up versions or they were forced to create a new version/install that was 2007/2010 compatible.

JsmplyAuthor Commented:
JsmplyAuthor Commented:
Never got this solved, but don't want to keep it open.  Thanks for your attempt to help.
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