Want to learn about and develop a reporting tool using Excelsius

I am looking at turning a 28 sheet financial report into a Dashboard report.  I just saw a presentation using Excelsius Dashboard.  

I have not used it and I am not at all familiar with it.  Does anyone have some recommendations of websites or user friendly tips for a beginer?
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sammySeltzerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I used Excelcius a long, long time ago when I worked for American Express but unfortunately, don't remember a thing about it.

These may help:




The last one is a video guide.

Good luck
lcohanDatabase AnalystCommented:
"I am looking at turning a 28 sheet financial report into a Dashboard report."
Where is the data and how is the existing financial report generated?

If data is in SQL or you access it from SQL and report is created via a Sored Procedure you should be able to use SQL SSRS - reporting services to run this SP and generate Web reports. More at:

mishlceAuthor Commented:
Good starting point with web sites provided to complete research
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