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I am on a long discussion with our ISP. Their service is very bad, but for some unfortunate reason we can't change them for a long time. So, everytime our internet speed drops to zero, I have to call them and receive the same response: Your internal bandwidth consumption is at 100%, check if somebody is depleting it.

I know that nobody uses that much (2Mb) and I did checked personally some times, so I think there is something else that I can't tell. Maybe it's my bad internet service? How can I see whom on my network consumes so much?

We are on Windows 2008 R2 AD, and we use Forefront TMG Standard 2010.
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For beginning you need to know only if all bandwidth is consumed by internal users or the internet connection is not working well.
I'm not familiar with Forefront, but most probably you have an option to check momentary traffic to/from the internet on external Forefront interface or at router interface.
If you can not do that, you can still disconnect your network from internet and connect to it only one PC and use some of internet speed tools to test the speed of connection.
For further investigation you can use some programs like http://www.netfeesoftware.com/NetFee/Index.htm
First, you can verify that only your TMG server is connected directly to the internet and no boby more is connected directly to verify that someone could bypass TMG.

Then, you can program and verify dialy reports to monitor dialy use of internet bandwith.

Another option, but the free version for this software is for only 10 users, you can download and install the software bandwith sppliter from http://www.bsplitter.com/ This software allow you to verify realtime bandwidth usage for your users/computers/equipments.

Additional, you can verify real monitor for TMG top verify actual traffic.
It will also help if you generate a TMG one time report, for let's say the last week.

TMG Console -> Logs and reporting -> Reporting tab

Create a one time report and review that..
AxlTrautsAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the good comments!
I'm defitively checking all those programs.

I generated a complete report, unfortunately I can't see who is generating the most traffic on a given time period (like, right now), just a list of users that consumes the most in the time period.

I am going to disconnect everybody if the internet connection drops again to zero.
I blocked some video streaming websites temporarily (although our director's decision is to keep the internet open to everything (!)
AxlTrautsAuthor Commented:
I forgot to complete:

I am going to disconnect everybody but me if the internet connection drops again to zero AND check if I can surf correctly.
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