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I have a laptop with Windows 7 64-bit installed and an external WD drive that is encrypted using BitLocker. Recently, all of our system drives were replaced with newly imaged drives (issues with the original SSDs). Now, whenever I need to access the external drive after powering up, I am prompted for the BitLocker Recovery Key to unlock the drive. I never had to do this before. If it was plugged into this computer, when I booted up, it would be available.

Any idea how I get the drive back to that state? The computer is a Lenovo with an i7 Q720 processor, if that matters.
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Ivano ViolaConnect With a Mentor System AdministratorCommented:
You will need to turn BitLocker on for the system drive (C:) and also enable the TPM chip (if not already done so). This all can be done from Control Panel - BitLocker Drive Encryption. When this has been completed you will need to suspend BitLocker on your External drive then Resume it. This will store the key in the TPM chip which will allow it to automatically unlock when you log into the computer.
dbbishopAuthor Commented:
That must be the problem then, because my old C drive had bitlocker installed and the new drive doesn't. I don't want to install bitlocker on my system drive, so I guess I am stuck with having to enter the key each time. Thx.
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