Outlook 2007 message body missing

Please read carefully.

I have a person running Windows 7 Pro, fully patched, and Microsoft Office 2007, also fully patched.  We are running Exchange Server 2003.

He experiances random emails, 3 or 4 a day,  in which the message body is blank.  These emails do not have any relation to each other.  Example: the same person could send 3 emails and only one will experiance a blank message body.  Very random.

I can log onto a different PC and look at the same email and the message body is complete.
I can see the message with Web Mail.  So the email is entering our system correctly.

I have searched the extensive messages entered here at Experts-Exchange concerning this problem and have tried many of the solutions.  None have worked.

So, please read the following solutions that I have tried and comment accordingly:

* Have tried all various settings under: Tools>Options>Mail Format>Signatures and Fonts / Editor Options.  None worked.
* I have setup a new Mail Profile with and without  cached mode enabled, neither worked.
* I have deleted the Microsoft Templates, normal.dot etc.  Did not help.

Please note that I have tried almost all of the suggestions posted here at Experts-Exchange to no avail.

I have not tried to uninstall MS Office (I have run Office diagnostics),  but the posts I have read seem to state that it did not help.

Short of starting over, can any one offer a suggestion?

Thanks!  ***Please note that I do not have the laptop in my possesion, so any replies to this question will be delayed.  Please post and I will reply as quickly as I can.  Apologies up front!***

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DMA-GRConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Forgive me, but I have forgotten about this question as none of the answers were correct.
What I found was that the user had an extremely large amount of email, approxiamtely 8GB, under Exchange 2003, which is suicidal.   I archived his email until his mailbox was below 2GB.  However, his local OST file remained unchanged.  Running scanpst did not help.

I created a new Outlook profile and used his account info, but continued to have problems.

I gave up and reimaged his system.  Problem solved.  Sometimes you need to cut your losses.
However, I should note that he is missing some important emails.  That is probably due to the extreme size his email file grew to.  Important to set size limits... even when the user is the exec.
Blank Message Body in Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 is a known issue

This is due to antivirus / Antispam or Malware integration with outlook

If you disable your Outlook / Antivirus integration this will resolve the issue

You could also test by closing outlook
Re-Opening your Outlook using
Start>Run>Outlook.exe /safe

Then have somone who normally sends you emails, where you have this issue. Get them to send you an email and see if the msg body is still blank

DMA-GRAuthor Commented:
We are using Trend Micro's Worry-Free Business Advanced for local protection with all email's being sent through their spam filtering site.  The email's are arriving at our site intact and can be viewed through web mail or logging onto a differnt PC, running the same TM anti-virus solution.

Looking at Outlooks Add-ins, I don't see any reference to any anti-virus/malware programs.

I would be willing to disable/remove TM for a short period to test, but the emails that have missing bodies are random and do not come from any one particular sender.

I will try opening Outlook in safe mode and try that.  It will be a few hours before I can get my hands on the laptop again.

When I have seen this, usually there is a correlation to high CPU/Memory usage by outlook.exe...

I would be curious to see what Outlook.exe is using in the following columns in the Task Manager.....

CPU Usage
Commit Size
GDI Objects

Course if you just close outlook and then reopen it, and it STILL doesn't work, that theory is out the window....  :)
DMA-GRAuthor Commented:
I followed all of the posted answers to no avail.
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