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Blocking a MAC Address on SBS 2003 from all access LAN & WAN

SonicWALL TZ170 Wireless STD OS, handles WLAN DHCP
SBS 2k3, handles LAN DHCP

How do I block a user from gaining access to the internet and/or network?

I have a subcontractor who is not tech savvy who brings in their laptop to work infected and the boss does not want to even spend 1 minute fixing it because they are not really a part of our company. To eliminate any threats they may bring in he wants them to have NO internet or network access. I have the MAC address. They connect via Ethernet *not* wireless. Wireless access is being blocked via MAC address filtering on the SonicWALL if they should try to connect to the WLAN.

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8/22/2022 - Mon