Office 2003 Standard problem when opening

I have a Windows XP machine that has 2 user profiles.  Both profiles have administrator access.  Profile 1 can run Office 2003 without any problems.  When I try to open any Office application under profile 2 I get an message that says it's installing Office 2003.  It then ask me for that can be found on the install disc.  I do not have the installation dis for Office 2003 Standard edition.  I have Professional but it doesn't work.  How do I get profile 2 to run the Office applications like profile 1?
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CanusRufusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\[USer Profile]\Application Data\Microsoft
c:\Documents and Settings\[user folder]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft

Remember to have see hidden files and folders checked under folder options.
I've pulled certain files and folders from these directories and imported them over to other users' profiles but the all at one time. Again not sure if office is going to like it, so back up your data for office before you replace.....
I'd look at the repair part of the article:

The other way is to copy and paste the hidden office preferences from one profile to the next. However I do not know if Office will accept and/or like it?

threeiengAuthor Commented:
Where are the hidden office preferences located?
but the all at one time...I mean

"not all at one time"
(I hate typing without my glasses)....
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