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Windows 2008 R2 FTP slow uploading

We have on one site Windows 2008 R2 that running FTP client application e.g. FileZilla.
On this site we have 12MB symetric internet connection.

In the other site we have windows 2008 R2 server running Windows FTP server, Internet connection speed is 12MB symetric.

When Client uploading the file from one site to other site he upload ~65Kbps.

If we run several FTP client , each client will get ~65Kbps
So if I will run 10 FTP client I'm getting 650Kbps total.

There is not limit on the FTP server.

What is the problem ? wha tshoudl I change ?
1 Solution
For starters, are you using passive mode (PASV)?  This will generally work better through any firewalls.  Do you have any firewall rules, either a dedicated firewall or just the Windows firewall blocking?
Sounds like you may be suffering from chatty lines on your WAN or servers.

Are these Windows 2008 R2 servers only running as FTP servers?

Also if there is no traffic shapping occuring on your network limiting certain protocals bandwidth, then I would look at your packet traffic and isolate the client FTP test coming in onto your FTP server.

If you are experiencing excessive chatty-ness over the WAN then you may want to look at WAN accelerators like riverbed:  http://www.riverbed.com/us/solutions/wan_optimization/
Since these are your servers, try comparing other things.  Map a drive from one to the other and copy a similar sized file, download a same sized file from the internet, that sort of thing.  Check the error logs and such of course.  The above may help determine if your problem is with FTP or with your network connections...
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It sounds too precise that every client gets 65K.  If it were network bustness, it would be more random.  I think there must be a limiting setting somewhere.  Maybe in n the FTP client, FTP server, a web proxy or a firewall.  Trying 10 similtaneous web downloads from that same server,
Great link meca!  I'd suggest trying the registry modification in that link.

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