Running Virtual pc on a Windows 2007 pc

I'm having problems installing virtual pc on my Windows 2007 pc.  I have an HP laptop running Windows 2007 Pro.  I need to be able to setup 2 Windows 2007 virtual pc for some MS training.  It won't let me install.  I have set my BIOS to allow for virtual pc's,  please help.
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duffmeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is no Windows 2007.  Do you mean Windows 7 or Virtual PC 2007?

If you have Windows 7, here is the link for the Windows Virtual PC (for Windows 7):

If you are using Vista or XP, you need to use Virtual PC 2007, an older version:
I think that I may be able to help.  First of all, when you say that you are running "Windows 2007 Pro," is it safe to assume that the operating system is actually Windows 7 Professional and not the Server 2008 OS?

Also, when you say that it won't let you install the software, are you receiving the error message that says "This program is blocked due to compatibility issues?"

If both of the above are true, it sounds like you are trying to run Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 (as opposed to the latest one) on a Windows 7 machine.  That is still something that you can do, but you may need to take a few extra steps in order to configure it properly.  Here is a Microsoft article describing the procedure:

Running Virtual PC 2007 on Windows 7
is uac disbled windows 7 has permission issues as its not like previous version but you can fix thast there is a woirkaround so if it writes to c: that could be the problem

jeff_junkinsAuthor Commented:
duffme, you are correct it's windows 7.  I'll check the suggestions and get back to everyone.
jeff_junkinsAuthor Commented:
thanks, it worked
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