How can I get an obsolete WiFi protocol to work with Windows CE 6.0?


I bought a used Windows CE computer for a friend of mine who is looking for a job, and lives in a hotel so any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
In the hotel apparently they have an obsolete router. On a computer running Joli OS it hooks up no problem, and I snooped it, and it says it's 802.11 wlan0, which I think it means it's the original obsolete easily hacked WiFi protocol. I can't seem to connect.
My options are:
WEP Open
WEP Shared
I tried all 4 key indexes, and I know the 10 digit passcode works on the computer that I'm tyipng now it works.
Is there any way I can get this to work? It looks pretty ominous. I guess Joli OS was more oriented towards older equipment.
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The device hosting the wifi must support WEP.  The answer is most likely no.  802,11 wlan0 does not mean that it is old.  It's probably just the default name.
harmonoAuthor Commented:
WEP was one of the options. I sold the unit. There was a work-around that I found, but I was not willing to do the work. I lost about 35 dollars on the deal, oh well.
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