slide show banner

hey guys i want to make a updatable slide show banner.

can you help?

i am programming in c#
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Anurag ThakurTechnical ManagerCommented:
try the following link, it might be helpful
please download something somewhere.

C# is a server-side language, it is of no use for client-side stuff.
JCWEBHOSTAuthor Commented:
no i want to store the images in the database and make the banner pull images like a slide show
The problem is a bit that you have no concrete question. You have an idea and you want help to realize it. You say you are programming in C#.

You don't do a banner in C#. Browsers do not understand C#. Browsers understand HTML, javascript, Flash and some more but not C#.

If you want to store images in a database (not a really good idea - better to store them on HD and have a reference to them in a database), then it is still unclear what you want. Do you want to upload images from a webpage? Or do you want to store images in the database with another procedure? Do you need help with that?

And then what? How do you want the "banner" to pull images from the database? In XML format and the "banner" will open the xml and then display the images in a loop? Do you want the images preloaded in an HTML page with a javascript looping through them?

I really have no idea what it is what you want help with. So the suggestion to download something isn't that crazy.
JCWEBHOSTAuthor Commented:
i want to upload or delete image from my database for a slide show which i can use like a banner
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