Server 2000 move over to server 2008/ 2008 R2

I currently have a domain running on server 2000. This domain contains:

File & Print Server - Server 2000

Mailserver - Server 2008

2x Terminal Servers - Server 2000

SQL Server, DNS, Terminal Server license server and is also PDC & GC - server 2000

DC, DNS and remote desktop license server - 2008 R2

i have started to shift servers over to 2008 or R2 (if hardware supports it). I have a brand new spanking Dell T610 which will take over the role of Primary DC aswell as DNS and remote desktop/ terminal services license server. At the moment this new server is a DC but i have not transferred the FSMO roles from the 2000 machine.

when i transfer these roles will it effect any clients?

when the roles are transferred i plan to point all clients to the new DNS machine (2008 R2 server) so i can down the existing machine an reinstall 2008 onto it

can anyone see any issues in my plan?

i just don't want anything to fail half way through an cause the domain to drop!


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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
transferring the FSMO roles should have no affect on clients, if you currently have your PDCe set to an external time source then do that on the new PDC also.

I'd turn the existing machine off first for a day just to make sure there are no issues before the final shutdown/rebuild.


mudcow007Author Commented:
cheers thanks

i thought it "shouldn't" effect clients but just wanted to check first

thanks have some credits!
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