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View Recovery State

I know in SQL 2008 I can do a right click on the database and navigate to where I can view the recovery state

Is there a script that I can run that lets me see that?  I can set with the script below...I want to see it with a script

alter database AdventureWorks
set recovery simple;
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2 Solutions
Select state_desc, State FROM sys.databases

Select status
FROM sysdatabases

1 = autoclose; set with ALTER DATABASE.
4 = select into/bulkcopy; set with ALTER DATABASE RECOVERY.
8 = trunc. log on chkpt; set with ALTER DATABASE RECOVERY.
16 = torn page detection, set with ALTER DATABASE.
32 = loading.
64 = pre recovery.
128 = recovering.
256 = not recovered.
512 = offline; set with ALTER DATABASE.
1024 = read only; set with ALTER DATABASE.
2048 = dbo use only; set with ALTER DATABASE RESTRICTED_USER.
4096 = single user; set with ALTER DATABASE.
32768 = emergency mode.
4194304 = autoshrink , set with ALTER DATABASE.
1073741824 = cleanly shutdown.

Anthony PerkinsCommented:
SELECT DATABASEPROPERTYEX('YourDatabaseNameGoesHere', 'Recovery')
Right click Database, Properties -> Option -> State
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
You can also do (just correct the obvious typo in xSELECT):
xSELECT recovery_model, recovery_model_desc
FROM sys.databases
WHERE name = 'YourDatabaseNameGoesHere'
lrbristerAuthor Commented:
Exactly what I wanted on both answers

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