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Setting up a new domain

We have a site in another country with a pretty poor IT setup and as a result we are going to ship them 'a network in a box'.  What I mean by that, is we will replace their current server which is a DC and runs Exchange 2007 with a fit for purpose server that will be a DC and run Exchange 2010.  This server will be setup as an entirely new domain and the old one retired as it never worked correctly.  Now, I know we have some work to do moving mailboxes, porting users to the new domain and all that good stuff what I have a specific question regarding the domain setup.  All our other sites are joined by MPLS and there is a possibility that this site will be joined in about a year or so.  What I want to avoid is having to undo everything in 12 months when we join them to the corporate network via MPLS.  It would be quite nice to be able to integrate them as much as possible, without having to start from scratch....again.  Just so we are clear, this new server will not be connected to the rest of the Domain for at least 12 months, so it will be functioning independently for now.  Any ideas guys?

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