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Wireshark Analysis.

Hello all

I have a client who has a recurring "slow" network issue - programs hanging when saving etc.
Having done am multitude of things (replace switches, network cables, etc) they are still occurring.
I installed and ran Wireshark  

I have obtained results - however I am not at all sure what to do with these results.
I have looked at a few basic tutorials - but it doesn't mean much to me - and wondered whether anyone has any tips as to what I need to be looking for.
I have had a few people provide times they experienced the issue - and trying to cross reference them with the log files but not seeing anything odd.

Hope someone can help me out.
Client getting incredibly frustrated at this - and I would appreciate someones expertise already versed in this area/software rather than me having to learn it all right now (it is on my list of things to do) but this is becoming urgent.

If needed I can upload the logfile - if advice itself is not enough and someone needs to just look at the logs themselves?

Thanks in advance.
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What is the layout of the newtork?
Does it work fine and then all off a sudden the network is slow or is it slow from the get go ?

Also if you can upload the log file I might be able to spot something but Im no wireshark expert  :D

Could be a faulty network adapter sitting there bringing down the network or perhaps a loopback issue?

You could unplug all the cables from the switch and then plug them in one by one running a network test after each and trying to spot which device is causing the problem. Might be time consuming though.

smd333Author Commented:
It is around 200 network points, 3 Dlink Gigabit switches for the workstations and the same for the servers (around 12)
I have uploaded the log file as requested - thanks for your help so far.

We had out cabling guys run an extensive network test (using a wavetek) on each point from the floor to the patch panel - and all have come back OK.

Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
I don't believe you've said *where* wireshark is installed.  It matters as you may or may not see all the traffic you'd want to see.
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Don't see the log file.

Are there any errors on the switches? Bad packet counters increasing? errors on the servers

I have seen a similar issue when using Auto-duplex and Auto-speed on ports. Some servers don't negotiate the speed well and end up mis-matched. Try setting the speed and duplex to a fixed value (not auto) on all the servers and the corresponding switch ports.
smd333Author Commented:
I have tried uploading log file a few times to no avail - will try again tomorrow from clients site.
smd333Author Commented:
Please abandon the question - thanks for all your assistance but the issue lies elsewhere.
smd333Author Commented:
Issue lies elsewhere.
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