C, C++, C#, Java, Python, Visual Basic.......

The requirement:

1) The software should be windows based
2) It should be able to identify if an email id exists (for atleast the top 10 free email domains, i can provide the domain list). So the output should give the email address and whether it exists or not.
3) It should accept email addresses in a batch mode (atleast 50 at a time). These could be fed as a text file one email address per line.
4) I am expecting 100% accuracy on the results (for the given domains).

If you want a use case.
Imagine two email addresses joe@hotmail.com & jo_23htq2_33wr@hotmail.com
Obviously, the first one exists whereas the second one does not exist. Although the domain name and syntax are accurate. The application should be able to say that first one exists and the second one does not.

Give me a high level sense of how much this will cost. The gui need not be pretty.
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käµfm³d 👽Commented:
The only way to verify an email address exists is to try and send the email. As such, whichever you choose will probably have the same degree of difficulty--C/C++ maybe slightly more so. I believe all have their own respective SMTP libraries for sending email.
Yogesh_Exchange_ExpertAuthor Commented:
ya that is ok application will send an email and give results that this ia valid email id or not.
Hugh McCurdyCommented:
You will only be able to tell if the e-mail is valid if the user of the mail box replies.  If someone doesn't reply, you don't know if the address is valid or not.  However, the address might as well not be valid if nobody is reading and replying to your e-mails.

Put another way, this approach will likely work if you are responding to a request by people.  For instance, if people have registered to use your site and you are confirming the e-mail, you'll get a large % of replies.  If you are sending e-mail out a "random" then I don't think you'll get what you want regardless of what programming language you use.

If you are replying to people registering at your website, you should probably use a PHP mailer library.  Here's one option.

Other experts will likely offer additional options.

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Yogesh_Exchange_ExpertAuthor Commented:
any othere suggestions please PHP is good option.
Hugh McCurdyCommented:
I don't know why are you are trying to do this.  If the purpose is to validate web based registrations, then PHP is almost certainly what you want and you let the user's action generate the e-mail.  Hopefully they'll be some more mailer suggestions soon.  (I know there's other mailing software.)

Note: PHP can send mail but it can get caught in spam filters rather easily.
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