Permissions with WinDirStat on Exclusive My Documents

Our users' My Documents are re-directed to a server 2008 box using group policy.  The policy grants exclusive rights to the owner.  This is a security need for our users and blocks everyone else out (including Admins).

I have installed WinDirStat to monitor large files and folders, but it can't access the secured My Documents.  No errors are given, it only displays the folders as 0 size.

Any suggestions on permissions or how to get around without granting myself rights?
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Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
WinDirStat will only view files that you have actual access to, so there's no way around it without granting admins or your user account read access to the folders.
BartowITAuthor Commented:
Wound up creating new My Documents without Exclusive Rights
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