How to Get ALL Exchange 2010 Folders on iPhone?

I am running an Exachange 2010 server, latest version (14.01.0339.001).  I have myself and a few other users getting email on their iPhones (3G/3GS/4G) over ActiveSync.  It works wonderfully for the Inbox with Direct Push, but my problem begins when trying to view other folders in said user's account.
For instance, my mailbox has several folders beneath the Inbox and I have rules set up to sort things for me.  After setting up my iPhone for Exchange, I could see the primary folders, Inbox, Trash, Junk, etc., but not any of the subfolders of Inbox.  I tried all kinds of things to get this to work and it never did.  Sometime later, I added a handful of folders beneath my Inbox for additional sorting, and as luck would have it, I checked my folder list on the iPhone and they were there!  Not only that, but I could select them for direct push.
So, the question is, how do I get the previously existing folders to show up?  Deleting and recreating them really isn't a viable option as they are numerous, but I am open to any ideas, with the exception of opening up IMAP.

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I didnt think you could do this but apparently you can.

Can I synchronize other folders in addition to the Inbox?

After you synchronize the Inbox for the first time, you can select other folders in your mailbox for synchronization. You can configure synchronization of the Inbox and other folders by using Exchange ActiveSync on your desktop or mobile device. To select other folders for synchronization, navigate to your Outlook e-mail on your mobile device. Select the Menu option, and then the Tools option. Then select Manage Folders to display the following screen.

devryguy81Author Commented:
The problem is that folder the existed prior to enabling ActiveSync on the server and setting up my phone do not show up at all.  There is no way to access them from the Mail settings on the phone, and therefor no way to enable direct push.  Folders I have created after I had enabled ActiveSync and setup my phone do appear in my phone's email folder list and I can set them to direct push.

The goal is to avoid having to re-create all those folders and rules.

Any other thoughts?
devryguy81Author Commented:
Sorry, I had some typing issues in my most recent reply.  Here's that first sentence again...

"The problem is that folders that existed prior to enabling ActiveSync on the server and setting up access on my phone do not show up at all."

That should be less confusing!
devryguy81Author Commented:
I am guessing that no further responses from anyone means this just isn't going to work on an iOS device.  I know this is not Microsoft's issue, but with the vast amount of iPhone users in the corporate setting accessing an Exchange server I would have thought it would be a bigger issue than this.

I will leave this question open in case anyone has any further input.

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devryguy81Author Commented:
Apple just is going to do "just enough" it seems.
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