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About Router Access level


What is Router EXEC access Levels,what is the Purpose.

Will you provide the Info about types of Levels.
What is the Meaning of EXEC Level 15 and Exec Level 7,what will happen in those levels.
What are the commands to configure EXEC levels.
What is the Default EXEC level

1 Solution

The default EXEC level is 1. You enter level 1 when you first connect to a cisco device before you enter enable. This gives you limited access to the device, you can use the show command to look at the device but you can't change anything.

Exec level 15 is full privilege and is the access level when you enter enable. You can change the configuration, reload the device etc. You have full access at this level.

If you use local, radius or tacacs authentication you can specify the level each username has.

To do this locally:

username <Username> privilege <Level> secret <Password>
aaa new-model
aaa authentication login default local
aaa authorization exec default local

And you can specify what someone can do at their defined level with the following:

privilege interface level 10 spanning-tree portfast
privilege interface level 10 spanning-tree
privilege interface level 10 speed
privilege interface level 10 duplex
privilege interface level 10 shutdown
privilege interface level 10 switchport
privilege interface level 10 description
privilege configure level 10 interface
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