Dell Inspiron 5150 power problem! flashing green lights.

Hi! I am having a problem with my Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop. The laptop was brought to me because it didn't start. It tried to boot up on me once but then died completely. So I ordered a new motherboard and when it arrive I have had the same problem. I have two light battery and something else (can't look at it now) flash every 5 seconds when the laptop is plugged in to the wall. when I insert a battery only one flashes and it is amber hue. I replaced almost all parts on it so I don't know what it can be. I heard that some laptops can't start without a battery but I wanted to consult with you before a make another purchase. Thank you!
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Grant1842Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you with no ac adapter and no battery , hold down the powr button for 30 secs . Sometimes this will fix the no start problem.

You need to test the power button circuit and cable if it has a cable.
Get a multi meter and test for continuity . Set it so it beeps when you touch the probes together.
Make sure when you press the power button it will beep. If it will not beep while testing the you have a bad power button.
If it has a flat cable trace down the circuit and probe the cable, same thing while proing the cable attached to the power button it will beep if working proberly.

You may have a component bad causing the laptop not to boot.
pull out all memory , wlan cards. video , keyboard etc.

All you should have is the processor. Now add one thing memory.
If you could find a KNOWN GOOD Stick of ram this would help it the testing process.

You should be able to boot with just motherboard , processor, and ram.
if you can not boot the bare bones sysem then you will neeed to find knwn good ram and known good processor to prove your motherboard is bad.

If you can find the data sheet on your Processor IC then you could test for the proper wave form with a oscilloscope.
Yes, some laptops won't start without a battery, so you should insert it even if it won't charge it properly.

Sounds like your power adapter is faulty.  You should get hold of a cheap digital voltmeter and check the voltage against what it should show.
BuzzGrafixAuthor Commented:
I tried a new ac adapter and a new cpu. Still doesnt work, I suppose my new motherboard is doa so Im going to ship it back and replace it with another one. Ill let you know what is going on.
BuzzGrafixAuthor Commented:
it was a bad motherboard. thanks!
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