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WDS Network Error

We are using WDS to Deploy Windows 7 to our desktops here and it has been working fine, right up untl yesterday when I had to 'inject' some additional network drivers into the Boot image...

I followed the instructions on this website to inject the drivers using ImagX


Which worked fine and the INF files/drivers were succesfuly added to the boot image....

However it seems to have broken my image because now when I try to F12 new PCs I receive an error message stating that: "An error occured while starting networking: there was a failure while installing the network card driver for your machine" (see attched screenshot)

This happends on both newer model PCs and also the odler model PCs which were happily installing from WDS before I injected these new network drivers!

Any idea why this has happaned and how I can fixit?!

Thanks in advance
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James Haywood

8/22/2022 - Mon