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I have installed forefront endpoint protection 2010 for SCCM and have it emailing alerts properly to all users that need to recieve them. My question is this, is there a way to customize the e-mail notification message? Is it contained with a .xml file? Can it be modified through the SCCM / Forefront GUI? I would like the e-mail to contain a link to our internal reports services so that computer techs can check anti-virurs infection status and take appropriate action if necessary.

Thanks for any help or links anyone can provide.
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SCCMCanuckNetwork AnalystAsked:
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I don't think so. I just have not installed it, but maybe a Status Message is logged, so you could create a Status Filter Rules which sends a specific E-Mail.
Another possibility is to use SCOM Agents to capture those events.
Also see here:
SCCMCanuckNetwork AnalystAuthor Commented:
I like how your thinking, i could setup a status filter rule, and create my own xml notification page, however i would still need to know the variables for specifying the name of the malware on the infected machine. Any thoughts as to where i might find these variables. or how i could go about finding them myself?

First check out if there are occuring status messages of that events in sccm.
Here are variables which can are available when using status filter rules.
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