Is There A Way Or Means To Keep Your Website's Webpage Time Out Session STILL ACTIVE Even WITHOUT Any Of The User's Input Interaction Performed?

Hello. I have a question.

Some websites you visit have a time out session built into them that allots a specified time intervals for webpage inactivity before logging you off . For example: Your online banking website webpage, a online point-of-sale like an online checkout process, or even a online contact or comment webpage. I  assume they work on the principle that from the moment the user stops with any kind of input interaction with the website's webpage (like using the user's keyboard or mouse inactivity), the timer begins timing the number of seconds or minutes (either count up or countdown) until the default maximum is reached and then logs or stops your online session. Sometimes (but rarely) within the online website's webpage there are links to a personal graphic user interface user like control panel that allows for customized setting adjustments to 'timeout' or alike and other times (more often) there no such customized setting readily available.

Personally, I find it highly annoying to have to step away from my computer and return to find many times I have been automatically logged off like I am sure most other users have as well. I seem to be on webpage based timer initiated websites much more of my time anymore and the re-logon/re-login is a time consuming annoyance!  

My question:

Now, is there a way or means to keep your website's webpage time out session STILL ACTIVE even WITHOUT any of the user's input interaction performed when online webpage customizations settings are not available?

This might be something as simplistic as a little system activity that can be activated or generated within my  Windows 7 operating system I am not familiar with or some third party program installation that keeps my system in some manner 'busy' or active to satisfy the resetting of a time out session of website's webpage.

Please provide your own detailed facts, suggestions, hints, and tips; and/or the best possible well written, detailed and documented website links.

Please reply.

Thank you!      
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
The problem with what you propose is activity is usually measured not by keystrokes or mousing around but by actual interaction on the site (clicks on links).  So to have a chance to work, the utility would be jumping you all over the place which would sort of defeat the purpose.
RegulaOneAuthor Commented:
@ anyone:

Hello. Does anyone like to try to answer and provide a solution this question/thread?

Please reply.

Thank you!
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
I don't want the session maintained without any user input.  If I get called away, I don't want a login to stay active where someone else could use it.  I think you should regard this as a GOOD THING where other people can't just walk up to your computer and use one of your accounts.
RegulaOne--In the old days you could set your email to check for new messages more frequently than default.
I have no idea if that will work in your present browser or version of Windows.
RegulaOneAuthor Commented:
@ jason1178, DaveBaldwin, and jcimarron:

Hello again. Nice to see you all again! Thank you for your comments.

I am going to conclude this question/thread since I notice it has been now inactive for some time now and from the comments provided I do see my answer and I can extract from that answer and deduce a solution.

Each one of your expert comments covers a broad array of replies to my initial I posted question above I noticed. The thing I see that I see that needs to be acknowledged 'technical' nature as to the reason why this is happening? "I" did not raise this point as an inquiry to you in my initial posted question. My fault! I see from the first expert comment, jason1178 does this and explains the source of my issue here. That intrigued me and I had to determine the accurate answer to this issue's source. I found by contacting my online banking company IT professional that jason1178 is exactly correct and confirmed , that "activity is usually measured not by keystrokes or mousing around but by actual interaction on the site (clicks on links)" does INDEED impact website's webpage time out session.

DaveBaldwin's comment is true and very realistic in his personal potential answer. If I was under certain conditions as detailed in DaveBaldwin's comment, I would definitely want my system to automatically disconnect from an active time out session. Personally, under my working environment I am not under any human visual surveillance where prying eyes could read private information on my computer screen at work as well at home. I consider this response not at all related to my posted initial question above answer, but I failed to exemplify my computer's working environment in my initial posted question too. I find this comment as my request for "detailed facts, suggestions, hints, and tips" classification as credible information.

jcimarron's comment statement sounds reasonable and sensible answer; however as I just mention above I failed to ask the nature of the issue's source and discovered the correct reason why this issue occurs. Therefore my failure to ask you, I cannot hold jcimarron's comment as an incorrect answer.          

Therefore I have to deduce a solution from jason1178's comment that I need to be 'clicking' periodically on the website's webpage in order to maintain an active session.  

Therefore jason1178 will receive the "Accepted Solution" title and majority of the award points for reasons I just stated above. That is 350 points. jcimarron will receive the "Assisted Solution" and 100 points for my failure, even though I have to say jcimarron's answer that sounds reasonable and sensible is incorrect. DaveBaldwin will receive typically 50 points for applicable "detailed facts, suggestions, hints, and tips".  

Again, thank you all!
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