DIGEST authentication for Tomcat 6.0.26

For my own growth, I am attempting a very simple exercise: To implement digest authentication for tomcat's manager app, the better to apply the lessons to production code.

So I have modified the server set up as follows:


<Realm className="org.apache.catalina.realm.UserDatabaseRealm"
resourceName="UserDatabase" digest="md5" />

I then modify manager's web.xml as follows:

<!-- Define the Login Configuration for this Application -->
<!-- <realm-name>Tomcat Manager Application</realm-name> -->

Next, I generate an MD5 password of the following form:

C:\apache-tomcat-6.0.26\bin>digest -a MD5 pendell:TESTING:password

and plug it into tomcat-users.xml as follows:

<role rolename="manager"/>
<user username="pendell" password="3e62d753e47e1278a74c0d7565dbb254" roles="manager"/>

This doesn't work. I get an error 401 -- invalid access -- when I attempt to log onto the page.

I must be doing something wrong, but internet research has failed to turn up the answer.

Again, I am using apache 6.0.26. Is this a known issue? Does the problem go away in version 7?


Brian P.
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If you wish to use the Manager Application to deploy and undeploy applications in a running Tomcat installation, you MUST add the "manager-gui" role to at least one username in your selected Realm implementation.

Did you do that?
pendell2Author Commented:
I don't think that particular line applies to my version of tomcat. While I did not do so, I did assign someone to the "manager" role as specified in the documentation of my specific version of Tomcat. I was able to use the tomcat manager web application with that name and role using basic authentication before I attempted to upgrade it to digest authentication.  


Brian P.
OK. Come to think of it, that could just be Tomcat 7
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I can't help you at the moment, but as it happens i was planning to look into these issues around now, so i might be in a better position in a few days.

However, i'm fairly certain that i'll be studying jdbc realms as they are of professional grade
pendell2Author Commented:
Well, I was able to solve the problem with some help from JavaRanch and from the 'live HTTP Headers' Firefox add-on.

It turns out my implementation was correct -- the error is specific to the tomcat manager application.

The manager application implements a 401.jsp file which is called whenever an authentication error occurs.   And that 401.jsp included this interesting code snippet:

  response.setHeader("WWW-Authenticate", "Basic realm=\"Tomcat Manager Application\"");

In other words, manager forced me into BASIC authentication whenever a 401 was returned, and of course returning 401 is part of the authentication process in the first place!

Deleting that snippet resulted in digest authentication being used, and I was able to log into the manager using the digest authentication I had specified in web.xml, server.xml, and tomcat-users.xml.


Brian P.

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pendell2Author Commented:
I was able to solve the problem with help, but since I asked the question I felt I owed it to experts-exchange to post the answer.
Interesting - well done
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