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Exchange 2007 to 2003 owa

I have setup a new exchange 2007 environment along side a 2003 server as follows:

1 2003 server in place already

Added 2 new CAS/HT servers running server 2008 RS and Exchange server 2007 sp3 rollup 5.
2 mailbox servers in a CCR setup running the same version of Exchange 2007.

I have migrated my account from 2003 to 2007 for testing and everything works perfect.  If I want to access my account using outlook, phone or owa it works fine. However, the problem is access for users still on the 2003 server.  If I browse to https://ex2007.domain.com/exchange I log in with one of those accounts and then I only see red x's in boxes where all of the buttons should be.  The message list does not display.  I have removed the CAS role and IIS from both servers rebooted and then installed IIS and CAS again.  I have deleted and recreated the virtual directories.  If I connect directly to the 2003 server owa site those users work fine.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
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