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I have a VB.Net/MySQL program that runs extremely slow on one computer but fast on all the others

- The Vb.net / MySQL program use to run at a good speed on this computer.

- The program only runs EXTREMELY slow when it runs a MySQL Query.

- Currently the user finds it quicker to remote desktop into another computer and run the Vb.net program there then it is to run the program on her local machine.

This is what I've done so far:
- Restarted the computer.
- Ran a prior version of the same program (April 2011), same results.
- Uninstalled and reinstalled the .Net framework (and updates).
- Uninstalled and reinstalled anything MySQL related.
- Checked Windows Updates.

What I'm going to do in about a half an hour:
- Place the slow computer in my office  (that has no problem running the program) and test out the program here. This will test if it's a network/wiring problem (I doubt but I'm pulling at straws right now).

What do you suggest I could test to try to solve this problem?
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