URENT help needed with windows app.

Greetings experts.

I really, really need an urgent help. This is probably very simple.

I am trying to make some changes to an existing .net app written as Windows app.

When I loaded the app into visual studio 2008, the version that came with sql server 2008, I am getting several errors when we click on Build Page or Build Website that several textbox controls like firstname.text are not declared.

The app works. All we wanted to do is make some changes.

Why are we getting errors that several controls must be declared?

My guess is because the app is windows app.

What do I need to do to supress those error messages and still make the app compile and work?

many thanks in advance for the prompt response.
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sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
This is a WORKING app.

The users wanted changes made.

I was asked to make the changes for the first time since the original author is no longer here.

That's what I mean by "has been working"

Besides, I decided to convert the app using visual studio 2010 and all the error is gone now.

So, I am fine.
Bill NolanOwner, Lead Technology ProgrammerCommented:
You probably won't get any useful help unless you provide the error text, and possibly some of the code.

And exactly what type of app is it?  Did you change the type of application?
Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)PresidentCommented:
You should rephrase the title to this question. A "windows app" is no a web application.
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sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
I am getting errors such as:

Name 'txtfirstname' is not declared.      

I don't think I changed the type of app.

All I did was copy the entire folder and loaded it on my c drive, opened it using the BI version of visual studio - the version installed when sql server was installed.

I am trying to use this version because I don't have the actual visual studio 2008.

This is a code that has been working.

And the only change I made was comment out one 3 lines:

if something doesn't have then
do something else
end if

That's it
sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
I *think* I know why I am having problem recompiling it.

I am using BIDS (Business Intelligence Development) the version that is installed when you install sql server and I don't think that would work.

That's is most likely my issue.
Bill NolanOwner, Lead Technology ProgrammerCommented:
When you say it "has been working" do you mean that it compiled in your current environment before your change, or do you mean it was executing under a different compilation?
I think you already know the reason of problem. BIDS is supposed to be used for SQL Server projects and it does not have other project templates. Download VS Express and try opening with that.

sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
Please close this as I have resolved it myself.

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