Why does cancelling a new view in a subsite redirect to teh main site?

Hi, I'm new to Sharepoint Services. I created a subsite and a list in this subsite. When a user chooses to create a new view and then cancels the form he is not taken back to the list that was open nor to the subsite root, but to the main site root.

First this is not intuitive. Second I have users that only have access rights on the subsite. Because cancelling the form redirects them to the main website they receive an error message.

Is this behaviour a bug or is there any way to change it?

I'm using WSS 3.0 SP2 which is installed at my internet provider.

Thanks Marcus
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MarcusKochAuthor Commented:
I found the cause of the problem. The site was originally created for http access and then was accessed via https. In those cases it is neccassary to setup an alternate access order, otherwise many features won't work.
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