Program that can read 64bit SNMP packets

I am trying to setup snmp SNMP monitoring for a Clearswift email security appliance. I would like it to send the snmp info to my Intellipool monitor server. The basics of snmp are working ok. I have used a packet sniffer to confirm that packets are sent from the appliance to the monitoing server.
However, I can't seem to read the info from
From posting on the intellipool forum, a user said it may be that the packets from the appliance are 64 bit, whereas the software cant read 64 bit.
Any ideas on a program that can read 64bit SNMP packets? Or is there some kind of bash script I could use to query it? (applicance is linux based)
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Networking_EnthusiastConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Possible solution:

   Ensure that your Intellipool monitor server is configured to utilize SNMP v2 or SNMP v3. The reason being that SNMP v1 does not support 64 bit.

sherryfitzgroupAuthor Commented:
sherryfitzgroupAuthor Commented:
The problem ended up being that I was using the window snmp trap service. There is a trp serice part of intellipool though. So you disable the windows service, and enable the intellipool one
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