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SBS Exchange 2003 and Android ActiveSync problem

Hello, I am trying to sync an employee's Exchange mailbox to their Samsung Fascinate.  I can connect to the Exchange server with the phone and setup the account on the phone, the problem is nothing shows up in the mailbox folders.  I am able to send email from the phone using the Exchange account but nothing shows up in the inbox or any other folder.  

I have used the microsoft ActiveSync test and everything comes out ok. The only thing that I see is this error on the server.  
Unexpected Exchange mailbox Server error: Server:
[servername] User: [employee email address]
HTTP status code: [409]. Verify that the Exchange mailbox Server is working correctly.

Any thoughts?  I have seen posts with this kind of problem but none with the 409.
Here's the server setup. MS SBS 2003 with Exchange sp2

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