how ca i configure a windows 2008 RRAS with one nic

I need to configure a 2008 Small Business server with only one NIC card, I need to run DHCP, DNS and RRAS services.
Can you tell me how is done and if I'm going to have any problems with one nic card in the future.

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Darius GhassemCommented:
Here is a link that should point you to the right direction

Really you would need to do port forwarding
You should not ave any problem using a single nic.  The above referenced link is a good resource.  You can also just continue to follow the wizards provided in SBS 2008.
I have created alternative IPs to allow multiple web sites on one server. So, you can create a couple IP addresses.

This is a large article:
This section tells you how to use multiple IP addresses on one nic:
To configure a multihomed system using a single network adapter

Here is the article:
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