Access 2003 now on Windows 7: Problem with finding a path

I have an access file that I've been using on XP for 5 years without issue.  I recently moved the file (still using Access 2003) on a Windows 7 machine.  Everything is working except a function that allows you to pass a PDF file from the local file system as an attachment in outlook as well as passing some data into the Subject field of the message.  When I use that function an error message pops up that the path cannot be found and to check the path. The path hasn't changed between machines (C:\Program Files\pdf995) and yet Access can't find it.  

Some clues: Windows 7 has two directories for Program Files one called "Program Files" and one called "Program Files (x86).  I didn't think this would be an issue, I guess, since the subdirectory (pdf995) is in the Program Files directory.

I'm wondering if there's something weird going on with the Windows 7 file system?  

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Sasha42Author Commented:
In the end changing the directory to C:\Users\<User Name>\pdf995\ worked.  Thank you!
Is the program files folder hidden?

I'd recommend using a dedicated folder in a different location.   We use a folder under the c:\ folder.
It seems your Windows is 64 bit. 32-bit programs are in Program Files (x86), 64-bit programs are in Program files. Pdf995 have 32 and 64 bit version. If you are trying to use 64-bit version of pdf995, you can have problems with Access 2003, which is 32-bit and Program files for 32-bit program in reality is Program Files (x86). Try to use 32-bit version of pdf995
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Helen FeddemaCommented:
I have had problems with code using the C: drive on Windows 7 systems.  You may need to make a folder for the saved PDFs in another location, which is not protected.
Sasha42Author Commented:
I did try as a test to move the sub directory under My Documents (e.g. c:\My Documents\pdf995, however, the same error occurred.  I then tried the path c:\Users\<User Name\My Documents\pdf995, with the same result.
Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
To help diagnose, what is your Outlook version?
Did you get a new version of pdf995 to install on windows 7 or did you transfer the XP version?
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