How do I modify my SumProduct formula where #N/A errors are included?

Hello again,

My data set actually includes some #N/A errors.  How do I modify my formula to adjust for #N/As present?

Where MySumRange_Dept is:
(The data is text only.)

Thanks, Gary
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barry houdiniCommented:
OK I didn't see this part

The data is text only

If you have a SUMPRODUCT formula of the form


then that sums col C when A is "x" and B is "y"....but if there might be #N/A errors in A2:A10 only then a way round that is like this


does that help?

Try this - it works for me.

{=SUMPRODUCT(IF(ISERROR(mySumRange),0,mySumRange))} - CTRL-SHIFT-ENTER to confirm

barry houdiniCommented:
What are you trying to do exactly? The formula


...won't do anything except sum values in the range specified, so SUMPRODUCT is superfluous. I suspect there is more complexity involved - how you handle errors is different depending on what the formula is supposed to do

If you do just want to sum the values in that range then try using SUMIF


That will ignore #N/A errors (or any other errors)

regards, barry
garyrobbinsAuthor Commented:
Thanks again, Barry.

I like the ISNumber function...

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