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2 tables (one to Many) Teacher to students.

Table 1: tblTeacher

Table 2: tblStudents
tblStudents.Gender  (will be "M" or "F")

I require a list as follows;

TeacherName    MaleCOunt     FemaleCount
Joan                        12              10
Paul                         23              22

How can I SQL this ??

Thanks !
Patrick O'DeaAsked:
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Rey Obrero (Capricorn1)Connect With a Mentor Commented:

select tblTeacher.TeacherName, sum(iif([tblStudents].[Gender]="M",1,0)) as MaleCount,sum(iif([tblStudents].[Gender]="F",1,0)) as FemaleCount
from tblTeachers T inner join tblStudents S on T.teacherID=S.teacherID
group by tblTeacher.TeacherName

do you know what is the common field on the two tables ?
in the query i used teacherID, change it accordingly
Patrick O'DeaAuthor Commented:

great solution as ever.
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