Word fonts, pictures all messed up

Hello Experts,

All of a sudden the word documents on our network are all goofed up.  We have our logo at the top of the Document and when we open the word file it is either missing or out of place along with other characters and sized fonts throughout the documents out of place.  This is not just for one computer but for multiple systems.   Anythoughts of how to fix?
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tucktechAuthor Commented:
puppydogbuddy, I am begging to think operator error.  I have these files backed up and restored them to a different machine on a different network.  The printer drivers are good, the other systems are good but for some reason this user is the only one with the problem.  

I reviewed the trouble shooting and I performed each of the items listed that appeared to be reasonable as well as opening the files on other systems.

I am going to look at more files on the user's system and clean up the files from tabs, crlf, headers, tables etc..
Were there any software or hardware changes made around the time the problems started?  Please elaborate.

If nothing comes to mind, try looking at causes/solutions for similar symptoms discussed on these troubleshooters.


  (see left side of screen for system-wide problems)
tucktechAuthor Commented:
operator error, errrr!
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